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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is aimed at reaching consumers outside their home. While many of these advertisements are placed outdoors (such as billboards), some advertising in the outdoor category are actually indoors, such as ads on a mall kiosk. For this reason, outdoor advertising is often referred to more specifically as out-of-home advertising. There are four main categories of outdoor advertising: billboards, street, transit and alternative.


Billboards are outdoor signs. Within this category are several subcategories. Among these are the traditional wood poster-type billboards, digital signs and wall murals.

There are several advantages to billboards. Advertisers can achieve a large local coverage in a relatively small amount of time. There is also a great deal of flexibility; billboard advertising can be customized for a local, regional and national level. The size and color of billboard advertising are powerful and eye-catching, and provide around-the-clock exposure to consumers on the go.


Street advertising involves both indoor and outdoor ads. As the name suggests, this type of advertising involves advertising at street-level, such as bus bench and newspaper dispenser advertising. It also involves indoor signage located in venues such as malls and airports.

Street advertising is especially useful in urban areas, reaching consumers in high-traffic areas. Street advertising offers local business owners relatively inexpensive avenues to reach their target audiences.


Transit advertising involves indoor and outdoor advertising displays on mass-transit vehicles as well as on transportation terminals and platform displays.

Since mass transit advertising primarily targets people traveling to and from work, it is able to effectively provide repetition of message to regular users of this transportation mode. People also use mass transit for travel to retail stores and other commercial venues, offering advertisers opportunities to reach consumers shortly before they make purchases.


Alternative out-of-home advertising consists of a variety of advertising options, often in unexpected places. These include ad placements such as branded pens, messages on turnstiles at sporting events and stickers on golf carts. Some alternative placements, such as those on newspaper racks, can be considered both street and alternative outdoor advertising.

Alternative placements allow for a high level of creativity and customization. For example, sponsors of an event often provide branded pens, notepads and other merchandise to event participants, and sports organizations often sell or give away branded clothing or equipment at their sporting events. Since consumers often use these products for a period of days or even months or years, the advertising message is likewise extended.

Buying Outdoor Advertising Through MediaFiche

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