Print Advertising: A Campaign Staple

As advertising goes, there is not a medium as tried and true as print. Before radio, television, and the Internet, print was the primary method to reach and influence the masses. Despite the growth of other media platforms, print remains an option that is widely used and widely effective.

Print as an advertising medium is broken down into two primary categories – newspapers and magazines. Each provides an advertiser with the opportunity to target specific audiences.

With newspapers, you can zero in on hyper-local audiences or more affluent targets. Newspaper advertising will also guarantee a certain number of impressions, which varies depending on the circulation of each publication. Top 100 newspapers, like the Wall Street Journal or the USA Today, will have more reach than a small daily in North Carolina. However, your campaign may call for one and not the other.

Magazines offer an abundance of special interests to target. If you want to reach fitness nuts, fashionistas, or hobbyists, you can find it through magazines. Business publications also offer plenty of opportunities for B2B advertising campaigns.

Buy Print Advertising
Print advertising is not relegated to traditional methods. With new technology, a campaign that utilizes traditional media can be researched, planned, and bought more efficiently than ever before.

As with all forms of media, you will want to do plenty of research before you choose where you want to buy. Browse through pricing and media kits to find the best avenue for your advertisement. Price, CPM, gender, location, and reach are all factors in making a decision on your next media buy. When you leverage an intuitive media marketplace, you can find all of these factors with just the click of your mouse, instead of the endless phone calls and page-turning.

Print advertising requires planning, especially when you are working with campaigns that will roll out in multiple months or issues. When and where do you want your ad to be placed? With online media kits and rate information, you can plan your campaign just as you traditionally would, but with less time obligation and hassle.

Buy & Manage
After the research and planning stages, it is time to buy. Negotiation and paperwork is replaced with the click of a mouse. With the right media buying tools, you can manage the entire execution of your campaign online. Simply upload your creative, verify last minute changes and send it off.

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