Each media platform possesses unique characteristics; some executions work better on one than another. Print works best to present factual information, while TV, magazines, and billboards are image intensive. Online works best when the advertiser builds in a great deal of interactivity.

While growing your business advertising will be a key part of the puzzle. The objective for you is to find the proper media platform that fits your business model. Mediafiche will help you target your audience with its extensive search functions. You can search across all media types by demographic profile, location and keywords. Mediafiche will search the database and populate a result based on the specific search functions you outlined for your campaign.

While targeted media campaigns in specific media outlets can be very effective at reaching your audience, in today's fast pace digital era utilizing a multi-platform campaign strategy will help reach a more diverse audience. Subsequently, the media platforms will drive traffic to each other and create brand awareness for your business. Mediafiche is a one-stop-shop for all types of media platforms. Having this will allow you to create multi-platform campaigns on one site saving you time and money.

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