Media Buying

The media buying industry has largely remained the same for the past decade. Not necessarily in mediums – the Internet and mobile devices have taken hold of a large portion of the media. However, in the methods and processes of how media is bought, not a whole lot has progressed with the rest of the advertising industry.

There are ad exchanges; they cater mostly to online advertising though. When it comes to media buying across multiple platforms – print, radio, television – there are few services that cater to all of them through an online marketplace. With access to this technology, the advantages to marketers and advertisers are endless.

The growing complexity of media buying requires modern methods and techniques. With advanced capabilities, media buyers can more knowledgeably and efficiently buy advertising, creating more robust campaigns and maximizing their monetary return.

With new, innovative tools, agencies, media buyers and even first-time advertisers will benefit.

Efficient Media Buying

New methods for media buying provide more efficiency, and increased efficiency yields better control over the goals of a campaign. With the right media buying tools, you can zero in on the needs of your campaign and then connect with them.

Advanced media buying methods include:

Online Media Buying Marketplace – Although you might use email and online spreadsheets and services to do the research for your media buying, an online marketplace is the best outlet to weigh all of your options. With an online marketplace, communication and understanding is streamlined, making media buying easier and more efficient. Think about how you shop online for birthday gifts; it's a similar approach.

Research & Analysis – As all advertisers realize, without the proper amount of research and analysis a campaign is sure to fall short of expectations. With advanced media buying methods, you can leverage an online marketplace to delve into what is best for your brand. Compare and contrast deals, space, demographics, and past returns to determine what route you want to take for your campaign. Research and analysis is the core for every advertiser or media buyer; that should not be lost in your experience.

Cross- Platform – The ever-changing media landscape calls for integration across multiple mediums. As audiences have more and more choices for entertainment or recreation, advertisers have moved to integrate their campaigns across platforms. While television advertising might be effective, a combination of television and Internet might work best. Having the option to buy across multiple platforms in one place is advantageous to media buyers.

For media buyers and advertisers, regardless of experience, it is time to embrace new methods for buying media. Ultimately, this will create efficient and easy media buying experiences, while maximizing your returns.

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