Advertising Companies: Searching For The Next Big Thing

When it comes to assuming a hip, modern, and creative aura, there are few industries that encapsulate those qualities as seamlessly as advertising and marketing. Glossy magazine ads, rip-roaring television spots, and clever online video campaigns supply advertising companies with plenty of ammo to back this claim.

Those that work in the advertising industry must remain on the cusp of everything that is “fresh” in order to find new ways to reach consumers as well as continually establish their clients as leaders in their given sector of business. Keeping an ear to the ground, so to speak, isn't so much an advantage as it is a job requirement.

Typically, advertising companies are made up of a handful of departments that specialize in a specific aspect of the business. Ideally these departments work symbiotically to create a memorable and informative advertisement that yields sales for clients.

Account Services. Account services work as the liaison between a client and his/her agency. They help guide a campaign from vision to completion and launch; many times they continue to work with analysis even after launch.

Traffic. The traffic department ensures the flow of a project and the subsequent deadlines. They are an integral part of every advertising agency as they increase efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.

Creative's. Whether they are copywriters. art directors, or designers, the creative department takes the strategy that planners and account services bring from a client and decide how to turn it into media.

Production. The production team will take the concept of an advertisement from the creative team and then put it into action. They have the knowledge and resources to bring an idea to life. Often, there are different producers that are specialized within each medium.

Media Services. Media services is where the media strategy is developed. This includes deciding what medium the ad will be used in, where it will be used, and negotiating the price to fit a client's budget.

Innovation For Advertising Companies

Within all of the departments of an advertising agency resides the constant need for advancement. Innovative methods fuel the positive returns of a campaign.

As technology takes a hold of our everyday lives across all sectors, often these new solutions are found through technology or the Internet. This is abundantly true in advertising.

Online marketplaces provide advertising companies with the capability to research, plan, and buy media opportunities for their campaigns, further streamlining the advertising process. When online marketplaces then integrate an array of media platforms – Television, Radio, Print, Internet – the advantage increases exponentially.

For an industry that embraces innovation, advertising companies are well-suited for where the media buying experience is heading.

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