Advertising networks provide a way for media buyers to coordinate advertising campaigns across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sites in an efficient manner. The campaigns often involve running ads over a category or an entire network. Advertising networks vary in size and focus. Large advertising networks may require premium brands and millions of impressions per month. Small advertising networks may accept unbranded sites with thousands of impressions per month.

The digital era of advertising has given businesses a vast selection of choices in advertising. With Mediafiche you can search for your target audience based on the many aspects of their demographic profile and location. Once you have identified the media outlets you can create a campaign, purchase and manage your media all on our online media marketplace.

Mediafiche is a online media marketplace that has created a media buying platform combining traditional and digital media. This media marketplace will allow you to search over 5,000 magazine media kits, 1,200 newspapers, search spot cable television over the entire U.S. and out-of-home media across the country. All at a click of your mouse. It does not matter the size or type of campaign your business is looking to execute, Mediafiche will help you buy your media plan in a smart and efficient manner, saving you time and money.

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