How We Work

MediaFicheTM gives you control over your media buying experience. With our free, patented media buying platform, you have the tools at your disposal to confidently and competitively find the best media deal for your campaign, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time advertiser.

Target - When you sign-on to MediaFiche, you can begin targeting your demographic immediately. Find the audience you want to engage and the medium where you want to reach them. Age, gender, region, and other significant targets will be pinpointed along with the opportunity to choose Print, Spot Television, or Out Of Home (Internet Marketing and Radio are on their way in Summer 2011). We give you a wealth of resources to make the right choice for your campaign.

Explore - As you browse through our cross-platform media database, you probably won't buy the first opportunity you come across. Explore all of your options. You can compare prices and benefits or search for special offers to maximize your returns and your reach. MediaFiche gives you ability to shop through the entire media mix

Bid and Buy - When you feel comfortable with a media purchase, it is time to make an offer. That is as easy as clicking a mouse. No more negotiation or paperwork, just select and offer. With MediaFiche, this process is completely private and offers are closed within 48 hours so you can move on with your campaign.

Manage - Our media buying platform allows you to manage your campaign even after you purchase your advertising. You can upload your creative, verify last minute changes and send it off to be published or aired.

Support and Constant Improvement - Just because you navigate through MediaFiche by yourself doesn't mean you are swimming alone. Our team of media professionals are a contact away to help you through any questions or concerns. In addition, we constantly work to meet user expectations so you can benefit from a whole new advertising experience with MediaFiche.

With further questions or feedback, contact us at 678-514-6300 or email us at [email protected]

Start “ficheing” and reel in the best deal for your campaign today.

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